Show 47: Making the Shift to School 2.0- Greg Moncada and Taking Action with Leadership, Data, Engaging Learning Activities and Funding

Guiding Question:

How to help make the shift to school 2.0?


Greg Moncada

Tips of the Week:


CAPACITY Building Sites:  (Admin Leadership Example/Resource)

Grant Resources:   (more than 120K grant resources for non-profits)  (STEM money)

Student Resources-  (programming that is gamefied) (protein folding gamefied)

David- Presentation Tool Matrix for students to use their technology literacy to compare tools for communicating their understanding.

Show 46- Making the Shift to School 2.0: Ongoing and Sustainable Professional Development with Jeff Utecht

Guiding Question:

What is happening out there Jeff? How to provide professional development that is ongoing and sustainable?

Tips of the Week:

Jeff- Chrome extension “Google Voice Search Hotword”, Chromecast

David- Anja Merilainen’s Coetail blog. I really enjoyed her insights as she went through the Coetail course. SOS Podcast 15 Show Notes on “Where do you start the shift?”. COETAIL

Show 45- Mark Hofer Shares Putting TPACK into Practice and Lessons Learned in Authoring a Book on Student Created Documentaries

Guiding Question: What does TPACK look like in K-12 schools?

Tips of the Week:

Mark- And Action - Directing Documentaries in the Social Studies Classroom (Amazon) and  take a look at the And Action website.

David-This Week in Google (TWIG) top Android apps for 2013

Show 44- Student Designed Curriculum

Guiding Question: What could high school classes look like if designed by students?

Guest: Samuel Carpenter, high school student

Tips of the Week:

Sam- iTunes for podcasts, iTunes University for lectures, YouTube, Facebook and Quizlet

David- I have been catching up on my reading with two books that probably many of our listeners know about. The first is Blended Learning in Grades 4-12 by Catlin Tucker. She really gets blended learning but more importantly really gets student-centered, inquiry and project-based learning. After the intro defining blended learning, she dives into different subject areas around the Common Core to give examples of lessons/units that are just great learning experiences that also extend the learning outside of the classroom. The book is a wonderful resource for your teachers needing to see how using LMSs, Goo Docs, Mindmeister, blogs, etc. can really make a difference in the learning for their students. The second book is all about Information & Communication Literacies (ICL). It is The Teacher's Guide to Media Literacy by Cyndy Scheibe and Faith Rogow. It is also very practical with lots of lesson ideas providing strategies to develop critical thinking skills for our students.

Show 43- Hybrid Pre-service Teacher Education with Mark Hofer

Guiding Question: How to teach a hybrid course for pre-service teachers?

Tips of the Week:

David- Ron Ritchart of Harvard’s Project Zero and Making Thinking Visible has a very helpful resource website. Besides buying his books, look to check out his site.  

Mark-Todoist is a great tool for keeping track of projects and tasks. Even the free version is really robust, including the ability to have multiple projects, tags, due dates, etc. There is a premium version available as well that adds additional functionality.

Using Blendspace to virtually teach the Learning Activity Types step by step.

Show 42- Trends in Educational Technology with Jeff Utecht

Guiding Question: What are some trends and what are some examples of schools doing work ahead of the curve in educational technology?  

Tips of the Week:

David- On Point with Tom Ashbrook. Flipped Schools: Homework at School, Lectures at Home.

Jeff- for RSS reader, Chrome: Google Keep, Google Hangouts, Common Ground Curriculum

Next Show: Catching up with Mark. 

Show 41 Season Three: TPACK and New Directions for the Podcast

Guiding Questions:

What did we learn from the summer TPACK symposium at the College of William and Mary? With the start of season three, where are we headed?

Mark and David talk about their experiences at the William and Mary TPACK Summer Symposium. We also look at new topics and a new collaborator for the podcast.

Resources Mentioned in the Show:

Show 40: Using Blended Learning to Foster Creativity with Patty Carver

Guiding Question- How to use blended learning to foster creativity?

Guest- Patty Carver of the Holton-Arms School and the Online School for Girls  @pcarvs

Tips of the Week:

Patty- Wikis as the backbone for much of Patty’s blended teaching. Wikis provide an excellent platform for peer editing, mixing multiple types of media and dynamic collaboration.

Piktocharts for Infographic Creation ||  Holton-Arms Blended Learning Lab for October 2013

David- List of tools for Online Learning via Julie Lindsey. As a follow up to Patty’s tip on using Piktocharts, do look at the excellent infographic that Patty created about blended learning. One can find it in a blog post that I did about the Holton-Arms blended learning conference where I meet Patty.

Show 39: Constructing a STEAM Program with Vinnie Vrotny

Guiding Question: How to go about building a Middle School STEAM program?

Guest: Vinnie Vrotny

Tips of the Week:

Vinnie- Invent to Learn Summer Program     Credly for Badge Creation

David- The University of Wisconsin Stout professional resources blog and newsletter that Joan Vandervelde and Karen Franker send out.