Ed Tech Co-Op Podcast Show 4 - Preparing Teachers for Tech Integration

Essential QuestionWhat do the pre-service teachers really need to know as they move into their student teaching?

David and Mark are joined this week by Jim Reese, Curriculum and Staff Coordinator for the secondary campus of the Washington International School. They discuss strategies and challenges for helping to prepare new teachers to both transition to the teaching profession as well as to integrate technology in their teaching.

Tips of the Week:

Jim shared information on Project Zero upcoming conference at the Atlanta International School, November 4-6, 2011, featuring Howard Gardner and David Perkins. Also, be sure to check out the book, Making Thinking Visible, which explores strategies to help students be more engaged in their learning with a focus on deep understanding and independence.

Mark shared an interesting blog post by Larry Cuban which appeared on his excellent blog, School Reform and Classroom Practice. In "Steve Jobs on Educational Technology and School Reform," he discusses excerpts from two interviews with Jobs in 1995 & 1997 in which he was asked about technology improving education.  Definitely worth a reade.

David shared a great a great blog post by Renee Hobbs on how "the confluence of popular culture, mass media, and the digital tools for information gathering and creative expression cultivate and deepen the kind of intellectual curiosity that goes beyond simple engagement and leads to lifelong learning?” This post was shared with David by our school librarian Elizabeth Lockwood. He also mentioned a blog post he's written on The Learning Mag project that enables teacher to create their own e-textbooks, a we'll explore in a future show.

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