Show 40: Using Blended Learning to Foster Creativity with Patty Carver

Guiding Question- How to use blended learning to foster creativity?

Guest- Patty Carver of the Holton-Arms School and the Online School for Girls  @pcarvs

Tips of the Week:

Patty- Wikis as the backbone for much of Patty’s blended teaching. Wikis provide an excellent platform for peer editing, mixing multiple types of media and dynamic collaboration.

Piktocharts for Infographic Creation ||  Holton-Arms Blended Learning Lab for October 2013

David- List of tools for Online Learning via Julie Lindsey. As a follow up to Patty’s tip on using Piktocharts, do look at the excellent infographic that Patty created about blended learning. One can find it in a blog post that I did about the Holton-Arms blended learning conference where I meet Patty.