ESPRAT+G for Social Studies

My wife the librarian emailed me the other day looking for information on the ESPRAT+G approach to the teaching and learning of social studies. I had put together a website to share with my students and she wanted to share the link with a social studies teacher at her school. As I have been reading the social studies lessons posted at our Curriki Group by Mark's students, I figured it might be helpful to also share the link here with Mark's students and interested readers.

I smile that my wife Margaret was asking me for information on ESPRAT+G because it was her work with Don Zimbrick 20 years ago at the Saudi Arabian International School in Riyadh that was the start of using this construct as far as I know.

I posted a couple of years ago about ESPRAT+G in my personal blog and included a link to the website that describes it. Here is a link to that original post.

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