Show 22: Universal Design for Learning

EQ> How can technology tools and resources help teachers meet the diverse needs of students in the classroom?

Tips of the Week:

Mark- Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST) , Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age

UDL Mightybell Space-  Community created by Mark to discuss and share UDL resources, if you’d like to join the space, email us with the request and we’ll invite you with your email address.

David- Tyranny of the Textbook by Beverlee Jobrack. Excellent book where the author explains one more component of K-12 education that is not shifting to support School/Learning 2.0 principles. The chapter on technology is concise covering why money spent on technology usually does not lead to changes in instruction and student learning. Ms. Jobrack sings our tune expressing the value of developing curriculum that is well-designed pushing teachers out of their comfort zones.

Shifted Practice: How to improve your new teacher orientation.

Next Show: We discuss the ISTE standards for coaching with educational technology.