Show 88: Shifting Our Schools- A Series of Conversations with Dan Keller

Guest: Dr. Dan Keller

Today Dan Keller joins us to start a series of episodes on the topic of making shifts in our schools. Dan is the Elementary School Principal at Saigon South International School.  He has worked as a classroom teacher, teacher trainer, principal, head of school and educational consultant. With a Bachelor’s in Philosophy, a Master’s in Educational Leadership and a PhD in International Education, Dan has served as a Visiting Scholar with the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education.  Dan also has served in volunteer leadership roles within the International Baccalaureate Educators Network, the European Council of International Schools Administrators Committee, and the Council of International Schools. He has presented at a variety of international education conferences, including the IB Regional Conferences, the European Council of International Schools Administrators Conferences, and the East Asian Regional Council of Schools. Dan is passionate about challenging the traditional structures of education in order to favor holistic, transformational learning experiences.

Guiding Question: Dan, in our upcoming episodes with you what will we be talking about?

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Show 87: Shifting How We Support English Language Learners (Shifted Practice)

Guest: Tan Huynh

Tan (@TanELLclassroom) is a career teacher specializing in language acquisition. He has taught students from fifth to twelfth grade in public schools, private boarding schools, charter schools, and international schools in Asia.  He shares strategies on his blog, Empowering ELLs, and provides professional development training in places such as China, Thailand, Singapore, Italy, and Canada. Tan is currently working on an online course on scaffolding and writing a book about teaching ELLs.  Tan’s goal is to support all teachers who are committed to empowering English learners.

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Show 86: Democratic Class Meetings (Shifted Practice)

Guest: Jeremy Neldon

Jeremy Neldon has been teaching in a variety of elementary school classrooms for the past nineteen years.  From a Gifted and Talented Specialist in Juneau, Alaska, to a multi-aged 3-4-5 classroom in a Portland, Oregon Charter School, to second and third grade classrooms at Saigon South International School, one thing hasn't changed: Jeremy's firm believe that when trusted and supported, children's agency over their educational experience at school can lead to greater personal confidence and academic success.  Jeremy' currently shares his passion for Democratic Class Meetings with Grade Two students and with his school's Student Leadership group.

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Show 85: Student Agency in Math (Shifted Practice)

Guest: Allison Ruttger

Allison has been living and teaching in Saigon, most recently at Saigon South International School. As a third grade teacher, she strives to meet children where they are

designing a learning environment and learning experiences that are engaging for a diverse group of young people. Allison is passionate about providing authentic and abundant learning opportunities so that learners can feel and experience what we value rather than simply view from afar.

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Show 84: Self-directed Learners

Guest: Evelyn Lucero

Guiding Question: How do we empower others to be more self-directed in their learning?

Evelyn Lucero is the Literacy and Social Studies Coach at SSIS. This is her 19th year in education and has worked with students and adults in many capacities, including general education teacher in grades 1-5, Math and Literacy Coach, and K-12 Curriculum Coordinator. She is a National Board Certified teacher and has won awards for her dedication and innovative work in schools. Evelyn has a passion of sharing great ideas with others. 

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Show 83: Components of Transformation

Guiding Question: What are the main ingredients that make the Saigon South International Elementary School a shifted school?

Guests: Dr. Donna Norkeliunas and Kattina Fox

Donna is the elementary school principal here at Saigon South. She has a BA and MA in elementary Education and a Doctorate in K-12 Educational Leadership.  Donna has been an educator for the past 32 years having taught in New York, Washington, Germany and Vietnam and is passionate about empowering students become confident and independent decision-makers.

Kattina Rabdau-Fox is a science, math and engineering teacher, and an all around tinkerer and wonderer. She’s on her 20th year in education, starting as a marine educator, followed by years of interdisciplinary teaching in multi-aged classrooms and ten years in the middle school science lab. She now is the STEM Coach for the elementary school at Saigon South. Kattina most excited when students discover patterns when exploring phenomena, and is probably the only person on this podcast who knows how to feed a giant pacific octopus.

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Hitting the Pause Button

I really have enjoyed and learned a great deal over the years podcasting with Jeff on the Shifting Our Schools podcast followed by joining with Mark to create our Ed Tech Co-Op show. It is now time to hit the pause button as I am struggling to bring new ideas to the greater learning community. There are so many incredible educators providing helpful and innovative instructional strategies via their podcasts!

Perhaps down the road the Ed Tech Co-Op team will come back together to restart the show.

In the meantime, thanks to all of our listeners over the years!


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