Show 61: Thinking Routines- Think | Puzzle | Explore

Resources Mentioned in this Show:

Making Thinking Visible book

RAT model for technology integration

Google Docs

Screencasting: Explain Everything or Educreations

Digital Note Sharing with Digtial “Sticky Notes”: Padlet, Lino app

Shareable Online Mind Maps: Mindmeister

Blogging & LMS

Not easily shareable Mind Maps: Inspiration on computer, multiple apps on tablets.

Show 57: Thinking Routines- See, Think, Wonder

Resources mentioned in the show:

Making Thinking Visible book

RAT model for technology integration

Digital Media:  Britannica ImageQuest (need log in), Creative Commons Search, Flickr, British Museum History of the World in 100 Objects, Google Cultural Institute

Thinglink for image annotation

3D printer. Access sample schematics at Smithsonian X 3D