Show 83: Components of Transformation

Guiding Question: What are the main ingredients that make the Saigon South International Elementary School a shifted school?

Guests: Dr. Donna Norkeliunas and Kattina Fox

Donna is the elementary school principal here at Saigon South. She has a BA and MA in elementary Education and a Doctorate in K-12 Educational Leadership.  Donna has been an educator for the past 32 years having taught in New York, Washington, Germany and Vietnam and is passionate about empowering students become confident and independent decision-makers.

Kattina Rabdau-Fox is a science, math and engineering teacher, and an all around tinkerer and wonderer. She’s on her 20th year in education, starting as a marine educator, followed by years of interdisciplinary teaching in multi-aged classrooms and ten years in the middle school science lab. She now is the STEM Coach for the elementary school at Saigon South. Kattina most excited when students discover patterns when exploring phenomena, and is probably the only person on this podcast who knows how to feed a giant pacific octopus.

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