Show 77: E-Learning

Guiding Question: What are some lessons learned by the Ed Tech Team with e-learning?

Tips of the Week

Jeff- Nano degrees Udacity. History of Distance Edu Timeline. Tech Crunch career advice for a 13 year old. Google for Education Expeditions

Mark- Five Digital Platforms Leading the Future of Ed Tech and Six Models of Blended Learning are both great resources to consider both different models and learning platforms to support a range of different approaches to online learning in K-12 and higher education.

David- New Explain Everything site. Changes to the app to offer a “junior version” that one can toggle to, a community of shared EE use examples. Mark’s Luminaris podcast where he focuses on the art of teaching in higher education.

Show 74: Ed Tech at A Small Liberal Arts College (SLAC)

Guiding Question:

What is it like offering instructional technology support at a liberal arts college?

Guest: Jeff Nugent- Director of Academic Technologies at Colgate University

Tips of the Week:

Jeff- Fusion Courses at Colgate  |  Team-Based Approach to Course Development Resource 1 and 2

David- Google on Air two day virtual conference on education May 8 and 9. Registration site.

Show 73: Edtech Co-Op in Review of Episodes 1-5

Just as blogger and technology leader Doug Johnson does from time to time, we are going to review some highlights of past shows. We have been fortunate to have terrific guests who helped us unpack a variety of topics. Our goal has been to keep our discussions focused, practical and actionable to make differences in our classrooms and to shift our schools. Our new listeners and maybe even our veteran followers might feel the need to go back to listen to some shows.

This very short show reviews episodes 1-5.

Show 72: Online Learning in Higher Edu and edX

Guiding Question:

What is happening with online learning in higher edu and edX?

Guest: Jeff Nugent - Director of Academic Technologies at Colgate University

Tips of the Week:

Mark- First, at William & Mary, John Drummond discusses initial efforts in online learning in an insightful blog post.  Luminaris is a new blog I’ve started to explore various issues in teaching at the college level. I explore issues related to ed tech, teaching strategies, 21st century skills, reflective practice and more.

Jeff- Advent of the Atomic Bomb Colgate MOOC course. Fusion course on grounds and open online to Colgate alumni.

David- Check out an excellent Washington Post article on MOOCs and personalized higher edu.