Show 60: STEAM and Facilitating an Innovation Lab with Vinnie Vrotny

Guiding Question:

How does implementing an innovation lab affect learning in one's school?


Vinnie Vrotny Blogs at Multi-Faceted Reflections

Edtech Co-Op Show 39: Constructing a STEAM Program with Vinnie Vrotny

Tips of the Week:

Vinnie-  Look to subscribe to the magazine.

David- If you are not using a LMS to post assignments, resources, tutorials, etc., look to write up your lessons in Google Docs to share them with your students. I am trying to help model a more blended and personalized approach to learning at my school by doing this. The students get just enough instruction from me to get them started on projects. They then have the Doc with my “how to’s” and links to tutorials where they can learn from on their own time. If you have a LMS, you just build out a personal learning module filled with resources and tutorials. I work with elementary students so we are not using our LMS that much, yet.

Show 58: Thinking Routines- Zoom In

Resources mentioned in this show:

Making Thinking Visible book

RAT model for technology integration

Digital Media: Historical stock images, Humanline for images of civilization, Library of Congress, National Gallery of Art Google Cultural Institute, Zoom In Routine at Google Cultural Institute

-Blogging & LMS

-Prezi for presentations

-Image editing software to focus on specific sections

-Images on iPad and Android tablets for manipulation, zooming in.

-Screen capture tools: Built in on Mac (shift-command - 4) or Jing

-Thinglink for image annotation

Show 57: Thinking Routines- See, Think, Wonder

Resources mentioned in the show:

Making Thinking Visible book

RAT model for technology integration

Digital Media:  Britannica ImageQuest (need log in), Creative Commons Search, Flickr, British Museum History of the World in 100 Objects, Google Cultural Institute

Thinglink for image annotation

3D printer. Access sample schematics at Smithsonian X 3D

Show 55: A Review of the Horizon Report for K-12 Schools with Jeff, Mark and David

Guiding Question:

What are some trends in educational technology?

Tips of the Week:

Mark- The Children’s Machine by Seymour Papert

Jeff- Smarty Pins for interacting with maps

David- The 2014 NMC Horizon Report for K-12 and their new app for weekly news updates. The report has dozens of links to helpful information.

Show 54: Students as Partners in Curriculum Design

Guiding Question:

How can students have more of a voice in their classes?


Samuel Carpenter

Tips of the Week:

Sam- Born Yesterday podcast. Dan Carlin’s podcasts- Hardcore History and Common Sense.

David- WSJ article “How Summer Can Change Your Future”- the importance of college students gaining experience in the fields they hope to enter by doing internships. In such a competitive jobs world, any edge can make a difference. The WSJ reports that corporations really look for graduates that have more than just a degree.

Show 53: Student-designed High School with Sophia Pink (Part 2)

Guiding Question: What might a student designed high school look like?

Guest: Sophia Pink

Learn more about Sophia via the following resources-

Tips of the Week:

Sophia- Make Magazine

David- Students like Sophia are not the only ones designing their learning experiences. We know teachers independently for many years have been building their Professional Learning Networks connecting with other educators via Nings, Facebook, blogs, podcasts and Twitter. We are now seeing schools getting into the act of personalizing professional learning by helping design more personal and differentiated learning experiences for teachers. Check out the EdSurge article.

Show 52: Student-created Hybrid Learning with Sophia Pink (Part 1)

Guiding Question: What might a student designed year of studies look like?

Guest: Sophia Pink, Student at Washington International School in the District of Columbia

Two articles about Sophia's hybrid 10th grade year: Washington Post | Dept of Education

Tips of the Week:

Sophia- Udacity for Online Learning

David- Edweek Article on Virtual Learning and Screen Time for Elementary Students