Show 28: TPACK- It Takes a Village!

Guiding Question: How can we draw on distributed expertise to help pre and in-service teachers develop their TPACK?

If you are new to the term “TPACK”, do listen to our previous podcast on TPACK and the Learning Activity Types. You can also review the TPACK website.


Tips of the Week:

David- Jonathan Martin in his 21K12Blog shares insights and information about how to assess HOTS. He draws from the book How to Assess Higher Order Thinking Skills authored by Susan Brookhart. Jonathan is an incredible writer who goes in depth on the topics he covers. If you are not following him, definitely start to.

Mark- Creaza is a really amazing Web tool that enables teachers and students to create really feature-rich mind maps, create amazing cartoons, and edit audio and video all in the Web browser. All the apps are integrated and can be shared either publically or privately online. Free and premium versions are available.

Future Shows: We will have guests on to talk about the IB diploma program.