W&M Student Curriculum to Curriki

It really is worth taking the time to read through the lessons of Mark's students that were recently contributed to the Edtech Co-op Group. You will find two sections: Technology Integration Lessons and Technology Expert Modules. I will share comments in our next show about the technology integration lessons and offer some comments here on a couple of the technology expert modules.

The modules are extensive descriptions of tools and how they can be used for learning. Mark's students describe the technology and give examples of their use. While I read several blogs that share terrific tools, they rarely give full descriptions of their use or examples from the classroom. This a nice value added by Mark's students.

Here are links to a couple of the modules:

Google Lit Trips> I was talking with my middle school son about The Pearl which he was reading for class. We spoke about some of Steinbeck's other books and the nature of life during the Depression. I tried to describe some of the photos of the time period and the geography of the dust bowl. It would have been nice to have a Google Lit trip at my disposal to further paint the picture. I can really see my son digging into his next school literature study if he could map out the events and bring in images to help him further make meaning of his reading.

Virtual Cell Animation> This module offers several supporting sites to help one plan how to use this simulation tool. As we are piloting iPads at my school, I can defintely see our using these simulation apps as well as the web-based versions.