Show 37: Technology Literacy & Hardware Choices- Part II

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Guiding Question: Which hardware tools for the task? Which hardware tools work best for particular kinds of learning activities?

Guest: Abrianna Nelson  The EdTech Report  ||  Journalism on the Ridge

Tips of the Week:

Abri- Notability as a multi-faceted tool for taking notes and handling documents.

The EdTech Report  ||  Journalism on the Ridge

David- A thoughtful and well-explained comparison of matching technology to the learning needs of the class can be found in the Giving Up My iPads for Chromebooks blog post from the “ Alice in WonderTech” blog. Alan November wrote an article for eSchool News entitled “Don’t Plan for Technology; Plan for Learning”. The article hits on the guiding mantra of our podcast that it isn’t about the technology but about the learning. Alan gets into how we title our tech integrators and directors of technology as he writes about advising an international school in SE Asia. I have to smile wondering if the school is HKIS where all the instructional technologists and the director of technology have moved on over the years. I would tell Alan that back in the day that we contemplated changing our titles back then to “learning specialists”.

Mark - The Innovative Teaching and Learning Program ( sponsored by the Microsoft Partners in Learning program is a wonderful resource for engaging your students 21st century skills. What's different about the ITL approach is that they have done a great job defining clearly what 21st century skills are and how they can be quantified and assessed. The Web site offers clear definitions, rubrics, and research from classrooms around the world.