Show 44- Student Designed Curriculum

Guiding Question: What could high school classes look like if designed by students?

Guest: Samuel Carpenter, high school student

Tips of the Week:

Sam- iTunes for podcasts, iTunes University for lectures, YouTube, Facebook and Quizlet

David- I have been catching up on my reading with two books that probably many of our listeners know about. The first is Blended Learning in Grades 4-12 by Catlin Tucker. She really gets blended learning but more importantly really gets student-centered, inquiry and project-based learning. After the intro defining blended learning, she dives into different subject areas around the Common Core to give examples of lessons/units that are just great learning experiences that also extend the learning outside of the classroom. The book is a wonderful resource for your teachers needing to see how using LMSs, Goo Docs, Mindmeister, blogs, etc. can really make a difference in the learning for their students. The second book is all about Information & Communication Literacies (ICL). It is The Teacher's Guide to Media Literacy by Cyndy Scheibe and Faith Rogow. It is also very practical with lots of lesson ideas providing strategies to develop critical thinking skills for our students.