Show 68: Comparing the Workspaces of Googlers and Softies

Guiding Question: How do Google and Microsoft design their workspaces to promote creativity and collaboration?

Tips of the Week:

Mark: I recently came across a nice resource from the University of Wisconsin’s Teaching and Learning Excellence group on blended learning. The guide helps a designer think the the implications of different approaches to learning (e.g., behaviorism, cognitivism, constructivism) for blended and online learning. The guide also provides key considerations for different elements of blended learning from the students’ perspective. While not comprehensive, it does offer some great points to consider in designing blended learning experiences.

Jeff: OMG Chrome Google+ to find communities as in Google Education Groups by state and region, news, extensions, etc.

David: For the higher education portion of what we cover on the podcast, a college professor recently wrote a piece for the WP explaining how this coming semester he would not allow laptops into his lectures. There was a huge response via comments including a letter to the editor that I found in today’s Washington Post.  

COETAILcast #20 and EdTech Co-Op podcast Show 65: Personalizing PD to provide insights and tips on setting up one’s PLN and how to help schools guide teachers to take steps to further personalize their learning.

In reviewing the past year and in preparing an article for 2015, I realized that I had not shared an article that Mark, my wife Margaret and I had written. As we speak so often on the podcast about TPACK and our Information and Communication Literacies (ICL) approach to TPACK, I hope that the article might further paint the picture of taking the theory of TPACK to what it can look like in a K-12 setting. The article is entitled Using TPACK to Guide a 1:1 iPad Pilot and it is published online at THE Journal.