Show 70: Educational Leadership article “When Change Has Legs” with Jim Reese

Guiding Question drawn from the article:

“What determines whether a change effort will eventually fizzle out or whether it will survive and thrive?”

Article Link- "When Change has Legs: Four key factors help determine whether change efforts will be sustained over time"

Tips of the Week:

Jim- Future Wise: Educating Our Children for a Changing World by Dr. David Perkins and Creating Cultures of Thinking by Dr. Ron Ritchhart.

David- Washington Post article on Jeb Bush’s educational foundation. Not looking at the politics or motivations of Mr. Bush or the companies that support his foundation, I am hoping for at least a couple very important outcomes from his potential running for president. One is that his support of the Common Core would bring out real discussion and debate. So much of what is in the news media are surface responses. This could be real opportunity for a national learning opportunity about how and what we want to see happening in our schools. A second hopeful outcome to be included in the discussion is to bring to light the nature of digital learning especially in the form of blended to virtual learning. The greater population would benefit from learning more about the benefits of digital information, tools and the shift to more student empowered learning.